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Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping

clean eating meal prep Jul 12, 2020

Eating right starts with a successful trip to the grocery store. If you don’t have the right ingredients for a healthy meal, or buy too much junk food, eating healthy can be tough. With a few easy strategies, however, you can change your grocery shopping for the better.


Plan Meals and a Shopping List

Before you even set foot in the grocery store, plan out the meals you want to make for the week and base your shopping list on this meal plan. Search for coupons and sale items that match up with your list to save some money.

When planning your meals and shopping list, make sure that you have a good mix of the food groups. In general, focus on buying mainly fruits, vegetables, dairy, whole grains, lean meat and fish, nuts, and beans. Make sure you mix up the groceries you buy every week to give yourself some variety. An easy way to do this is to try one new fruit or vegetable every week.


Make the Right Choices in Each Section of the Grocery Store

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