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8 Tips to Help You Stop Eating Sugar

Oct 11, 2020

Sugar is nothing but empty calories, the calories that only make you gain weight and don’t provide you with any benefits because they don’t contain any nutrients. Cutting out sugar can be very hard, especially when you have a sweet tooth. Here is are some tips to help you stop eating sugar.


1. Start slow and take baby steps

If you try to cut out all sugar from your diet at once, you will fail, because those cravings will come back with a vengeance. It will feel more like a punishment than an accomplishment. Instead of completely cutting out all sugar from your diet at one time, start controlling the amount of sugar you DO consume. For instance, if you take three teaspoons of sugar in your tea or coffee, try cutting back to two for one week, then down to one. For that sweet tooth, start by just cutting out chocolate and candy before you abandon everything like baked desserts, or just save it for special occasions.


2. Use sugar alternatives

Instead of using sugar when you do want it, replace it with honey, maple syrup, or sugar alternatives like stevia.


3. Challenge yourself

Some people like to challenge themselves and love the feeling of accomplishment when they fulfill that challenge. If that is you, try to challenge yourself to not to eat sugar for a week (or for a day, if you have a serious addiction.) Gradually extend your time and celebrate each milestone.


4. Try sugar-free gum

When sweet cravings strike, grab a piece of sugar-free gum. This will keep you occupied and satisfy the need to chew on something.


5. Choose fruits over desserts

Fruits are a sweet and a healthy alternative to desserts. If you feel like having cake or a favorite dessert, then grab some blueberries or another sweet fruit. The natural sugars in the fruit will help curb those cravings.


6. Know the benefits of quitting sugar

There are so many benefits of cutting sugar that if you educate yourself on them or experience the negative side effects first-hand, you will cringe at just the thought of consuming sugar. When you cut out sugar, your cardiac health improves, your skin begins to glow, and your acne starts clearing up. Furthermore, cutting out sugar will boost your mood and you will stop feeling cranky, moody or tired all the time. Your memory will improve and you may be able to lose the extra weight you always wanted to shed.


7. Add fennel seeds to your diet

If you just can’t shake off your sugar addiction, try adding fennel seeds to your diet. You can either add them while cooking or you can chew them raw. Fennel seeds don’t contain any sugar or empty calories but they have a naturally sweet taste.


8. Don’t start your day sweet

According to a study by Brown, if you start your day by eating something sweet then you will crave sugar all day long. So, instead of having something sweet, have a savory breakfast. Don't even use the sugar alternatives in your breakfast.

Sugar is an addiction, and it takes time, consistency, and determination to abandon it completely. Start small and take little steps toward removing it from your diet.


Don't let sugar kick your butt.

Jump in and try something new to satisfy your sweet tooth. Kick those cravings to the curb so you can live the healthy, happy life that you deserve!

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