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Fuel Your Muscles, Lose the Fat

Losing weight is great but if you want to look smokin’ hot, body fat is where it’s at.

When you embark on a weight loss journey, it’s almost guaranteed that you will be saying “Bon Voyage!” to some muscle mass and for women over fifty, that’s a recipe for disaster. You can counteract this phenomenon by losing weight slowly, eating an adequate number of calories, pumping up your protein intake, and working out. The goal with any weight loss plan is to lose fat and maintain as much lean mass, or muscle, as possible.

How fast should you lose weight?

Almost everyone agrees, losing weight at a rate of one to two pounds a week is the best plan for taking off fat and keeping muscle. Dropping weight any faster puts you at risk of losing more than fat. You’ll wind up losing muscle and bone mass too, which translates into a slower metabolism and increased risk of osteoporosis for women over fifty.

How many calories should you eat to keep your...

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Nourish Your Body with Chocolate

Weight loss doesn’t have to mean deprivation and crankiness! And to me, life without chocolate would be pure torture. Thankfully, you can nourish your body with chocolate and lose weight at the same time.

The Top Three Benefits of Cacao.

Here are three great health reasons to nibble on chocolate:

  1. Raw cacao is the most antioxidant-rich food in the world. Its flavonoids prevent free radical damage and prevent premature aging.
  2. Cacao increases blood flow to the brain which has been shown to improve brain function and memory.
  3. Cacao stimulates the production of endorphins, the feel good chemicals in your brain that are known to elevate your mood.

Cacao is a Superfood, Cocoa is Not.

The Latin name for cacao trees means “food of the gods.” But a few letter changes can mean a world of difference.

Raw cacao powder is made by cold-pressing unroasted cacao beans. Cocoa powder is created by roasting the beans which improves the taste but decreases the nutritional value.


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10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Attitude

The Tale of Two Wolves, also known as The One You Feed, is a story that reminds us to cultivate the best in ourselves. We are all born with a host of attributes, both positive and negative; it’s up to each of us to decide who we want to be. Whether it’s how we treat others or how we love ourselves, we grow the things we feed.

The One You Feed is said to have its origins in Native American culture but it’s also been credited to other sources from poets to preachers. Where it came from is whole lot less important than what it reminds us though. Here is the story:

A grandfather is talking with his grandson. He tells the boy that inside each of us there are two wolves, constantly fighting each other.

One wolf is positivity. He is fueled by light, and love, and kindness. The other is negativity. He is fueled by envy, and bitterness, and fear.

His grandson considers this, looks up at his grandfather, and asks, “Grandpa, which one wins?”

The grandfather...

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Why Morning Workouts are Ideal

exercise motivation workout Dec 27, 2020

Right now, you might head to the gym or get your workout in at home in the afternoons after work or at another time of day that is convenient for you. If you don't usually workout in the mornings, however, you may want to consider rearranging your schedule. These are a few reasons why morning workouts are ideal. 

Avoid Skipping Your Workout

First of all, if you’re like many people, you might find yourself skipping your workouts here and there. As the day goes on, it can be easy to get busy with other things or to otherwise skip your workout. If you go ahead and get it done in the morning, however, you can help ensure that you get in your workout each day. 

Start the Day Off Right

By doing your workout first thing in the morning, you can start your day off right. You’ll be starting out the day with your health in mind, for example, which can help encourage you to continue eating well for the rest of the day. 

Boost Your Metabolism 

Did you know that...

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How to Stop Self-Sabotage

self-sabotage weight loss Dec 20, 2020

You’ve decided to lose weight, let’s say 20 lbs. You read up on how to do it, you select a plan, and you buy some fun exercise clothing. The first week goes really well and you see the scale dip down a bit. Woohoo!

You decide to keep going with the plan, but at some point during week two you catch yourself sitting on the sofa watching television in your oh-so-clean work out clothing gobbling down a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

Sound familiar?

If so, you’ve fallen into one of the most common weight loss traps I see: self-sabotage. It’s sneaky. It’s difficult to pin down. It’s confusing.

And it’s completely derailing your weight loss efforts.

Defining Self-Sabotage

According to Psychology Today, “Behavior is said to be sabotaging when it creates problems and interferes with long-standing goals.”

Uh... what does that really mean? I like to put it a little differently (because I’m the queen of keeping things...

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How to Create Motivation

exercise motivation Dec 13, 2020


Getting motivated to exercise can be so difficult. And many of us use the lack of motivation as an excuse to not exercise.

But here's the thing, you have to get started even when you aren't motivated to do it. Be honest now.

How many times have you thought, “I REALLY need to get off this couch and get some exercise?”

But you only have ten or twenty minutes so you convince yourself that it’s not worth the effort. Or you think about running and then get discouraged because you can’t run a mile without stopping.

There’s a voice in your head telling you that if you can’t commit an hour or that if you can’t run a marathon or if you can’t train like an Olympic athlete, “Why bother?” That’s your pesky Inner Critic again and it’s time to get her off your back and invested in getting fit.

Just Do It!

You can’t succeed unless you start.

That’s a fact. Getting healthy isn’t about becoming an elite...

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5 Highly Effective Daily Habits for Healthy Eating

Are you aware that by simply making a few minor yet meaningful changes to your eating habits, you can live a longer life and enhance your health? Maintaining good eating habits is crucial for optimum health and will increase your energy levels, help you lose weight, enhance your mood and much more. Plus, it’s extremely easy to get started with healthy eating. Keep reading for five good habits that will allow you to start eating healthier today.


Don’t Skip Breakfast

People often skip breakfast because they’re in a rush during the morning and have to dash out of the door. However, there’s a reason breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. A healthy and well-balanced breakfast will give you plenty of energy to carry out your daily tasks with relative ease and also remain in good spirits throughout the day. In addition, studies show that people who have a healthy breakfast actually lose more weight than individuals who have no breakfast...

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How To Use Small Wins To Motivate Healthy Behaviors

Building on small wins is key to creating permanent healthy behaviors. You can use the progress you’ve already made to motivate you toward your larger goal of living healthier. Here’s how: 

Baby Steps.

Baby steps are at the heart of my FitLife philosophy because you don’t create success in one sudden overwhelming swoop unless you win the lottery. Winning at anything is about using each small success to motivate yourself to the larger goal. It works that way with weight loss and healthy living too.

When I am coaching, too many times I hear women bully themselves with negative self-talk like:

I’m so fat I should just give up.
It’s no use. I can’t change.
Why bother eating a salad for lunch when I ate Pop Tarts for breakfast. I have so much weight to lose. It’s impossible.

But every one of those women has had good moments. Every one of them has made healthy choices on some days. Every one of them is capable of making lasting changes that...

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How to Have High Energy to Start Your Day

clean eating energy sleep Nov 22, 2020

We’ve all experienced it - we set our alarm for 7AM with the best of intentions, but when the time comes, we hit the “snooze” button repeatedly and start our day much slower than we hoped. 

Starting the day sluggishly sets a disappointing tone for the rest of the day. It’s hard to feel motivated and upbeat when you start your day behind schedule. Everyone wants to wake up with energy, but most of us start our mornings on a slow note. 

Fortunately, it is possible to wake up early and have high energy to start your day. By making a few small changes to your morning routine, you can shake off sleep inertia quickly and tackle your day with enthusiasm. 

1. Exercise as Soon as You Can

It sounds counterintuitive but exercising soon after you wake up is a great way to energize yourself for the rest of the day. Exercising when you wake up energizes your body and mind, and helps you shake off feelings of grogginess.

Ideally, your morning exercise routine...

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5 Tips To Dodge Holiday Weight Gain

clean eating weight loss Nov 15, 2020

It starts with Halloween and ends with New Years. The holidays are a virtual minefield of unhealthy choices for the average person. We are bombarded by sweets and snacks in the workplace, on TV, in our homes, and even in the mail.

How many plates of cookies, fruit breads, savory snacks, and candies will you receive this holiday season? Everywhere you look, another dietary pitfall is ready to derail your good health and send you down a slalom course of crappy eating but you can arm yourself with good advice and good habits so read on.

Most folks think the average person gains 7-10 pounds over the holiday season but according to the New England Journal of Medicine, most people gain a little less than one pound from mid-November to mid-January.

Hooray! That means you can break out the Christmas cookies and chow down, right?

Well, not if you want to feel good and keep your healthy eating habits on track because a two-month vacation from smart choices can turn into a full year of feeling...

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